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Inauguration of Reading Room



The long awaited reading room was inaugurated by the two artists, Mr Haribansha Acharya and Mr Madankrishna Shrestha. The local community and many members were present at the joyous occasion. This was done on Buddha Jayanti,  2013. The Sanstha has also arranged to provide adult literacy facility  in the reading room. 








Conference on National Culture, Nationality, Identity, and Federalism

A national conference on Nepalese nationality, culture, identity and federalism was held on 31 May 2013 in Kathmandu. This was inaugurated by His Excellency the Chairman of the Interim Government of Nepal amidst 240 participants and guests. It was a very successful, useful and timely non-party political in the context of writing a new constitution for Nepal. Its proceedings have been published for wider circulation.

Honorary membership was awarded to the Dr. Madhav Raj Gautam , Professor of Sanskrit Literature and former Vice chancellor of Nepal Sanskrit University on 14 September 2013 in Kathmandu in a special felicitation ceremony held in his honour.

Published the revised Second Edition of Bhagavat Manjari (1st published in 1923 A.D.), with Nepali translation in addition on 14 September 2013 in Kathmandu. It is available in all the local book shops.


 Academy of Ancient Studies

Dr P C Gautam produced a concept paper to establish a completely autonomous academy to conduct research on a dozen ancient subjects which have influenced human civilization globally. This will be self -supporting and uninfluenced by commercial, religious and political ideologies or interference.            These subjects are Ancient architecture and building materials, Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra, Alternative medical systems, Etymology and ancient alnguages, ancient anthropology and history, Ecology and nature conservation, Ancient literature, Metaphysics, Philosophy, World religions, Astrology, Yoga and Tantra, Ancient crafts weaponry and.                                      A meeting of fifty distinguished intellectuals was held in Kathmandu on 2nd June 2013 to discuss this concept. This received an overwhelming unanimous support. An offer of donation of land was received from JP Foundation and Gorakhsanath Trust and others.   Accordingly, an application has been submitted to Government of Nepal seeking a university charter to establish this academy.  The aim is to begin the academic session from the spring of 2018/19



 AGM 2013; Bhagavat Manjari book launch & felicitation of Professor Madhabraj Gautam

Our annual general body  meeting this year was chaired by the vice chair Mrs. Suprabha Ghimire. The second edition of Bhagavat Manjari with Nepali translation was launched by Professor Madhavraj Gautam. Prof. Gautam was also felicitated with Honorary membership on this occasion. It was a very successful and enjoyable occasion attended by 98 Members and  literary  personalities.


Future Programme

AGM 2014 is expected to be held in Kathmandu in September this year when the current Executive Board completes its term of office. There will be an election to appoint...

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