Kulachandra Gautam was a very learned man, a great teacher, a visionary and patriot. He was born in November, 1877 A.D. in Jiwanpur Village in Dhading District, in the western mountains of Nepal, 25 km outside Kathmandu. He died in 1959 in Varanasi, India, and was survived by Lakshminath, the youngest of his four sons.


His only surviving son, the youngest Laksminath, subsequently become the top civil servant, the governor of Nepal Rastra Bank- the central bank of government of Nepal. He is well remembered for his fiscal management and introducing modern banking in Nepal. Kulachandra has now six generations of progeny- many of whom have become highly successful academics, entrepreneurs, politicians, doctors, engineers and writers and spread all over in Nepal, India, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and USA.

 Kulachandra Gautam is remembered today as one of the most learned men in the Sanskrit speaking world of South East Asia. His original writings span a breadth of subjects ranging from poetry, grammar, scriptures, history, Ayurveda and literature in both Nepali and Sanskrit languages. His books in Nepali are pioneering works which helped the fledgling Nepali to become a great developed language. His Sanskrit works are exceptionally lucid and unique. These are enumerated in the publication section.

 He was awarded many honorary titles by reputable institutions in India and eventually by Nepal government and given state honours; the most exalted being the "Vidwat Shiromani", i.e. "the most learned among the most learned", which carried a life time pension of INRs. 250/- month during the last five years of his life. (equivalent today as £ 2500/- month). Thus he was recognised in Nepal during his life time, although very late. 

Established in 2007 and in his own old house in Kathmandu, this foundation is registered as a not for profit organisation.  Its source of income are the donations by members, family and the royalty received from the sale of books.This foundation is established in his memory to provide inspiration to all the scholars. The membership is open for all the intellectuals across the world.

The aims of this Foundation are to republish many of his books which have been out of print for a long time. We also aim to discover and publish his hitherto unknown works. Many of the Sanskrit works have been republished by this Foundation with Nepali translations. In addition to publishing books, we have established a research Sanskrit library in ancient subjects.  We conduct many social and academic activities which are deemed to be of benefit to the nation and humanity at large. 

The membership is open to all who respect scholarship, indulge in philanthropy and social work. It is a non-religious and non-political organisation.


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