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This organisation has been established in memory of the late Kulachandra Gautam, Saahityaachaarya, who was born on  November, 1877 A.D. in Jiwanpur, Dhading, 25 km west of Kathmandu.

He was an exceptionally talented and  learned man, besides being a social reformer and visionary. These aspects of his personality are reflected in his numerous literary works which are listed below. He was a great teacher of Sanskrit.  He was also a tutor for three generations of the kings and members of the royal family of Nepal. He translated the famous Tulasikrit Raamayana into Nepali with exceptionally learned commentary, which is an extra-ordinary work. It is still in demand after six editions. He died in Varanasi in 1957 while  putting finishing touches to the  first ever Sanskrit-Nepali Dictionary.

Kulachandra Gautam is remembered today as one of the most learned men in the Sanskrit speaking world of South East Asia. His original writings span a breadth of subjects ranging from poetry, grammar, scriptures, history, Ayurveda and literature in both Nepali and Sanskrit languages. His books in Nepali are pioneering works which helped the fledgling Nepali to become a great developed language. His Sanskrit works are exceptionally lucid and unique

He was awarded many honorary titles e.g Saahityabhushana, Saahityamani, Maahaakavi by reputable institutions in India and eventually by Nepal government with state honours; the most exalted being the "Vidwat Shiromani", i.e. "the most learned among the most learned", which carried a handsome pension.  

This Foundation has been established since 2007 in his memory  and in his own old house in Kathmandu to provide inspiration to all. This Foundation is registered as a ''not for profit organisation for academic, social, cultural and related activities''.  Its sources of income are the donations by members, family and the royalty received from the sale of books. The membership is open for all the intellectuals across the world.

The works of Kulachandra Gautam:


Alankar Chandrodaya

Swayam Baidya



Gangaa Gauravam

Krishna- karnaa-varana-kaabyam

Aadarsha Dampati Sitaa Ramou


Vaidya Ballava and Yoga Kaumudi

Tula-si-krit Raamaayana ( Translation and commentary in Nepali)

Sanskrit Nepali Dictionary

Datta- charyaa- saara sangraha




Shoka Mahormi

Bhaa-ga-vat sta-va-raaj

Van-danaa yugala

Vishnu Sahasra Naama Bivritee

Maanas Manjari

The following are being published:

Gautam Bansha Vritti

Shakti- stuti-kaumudi

Aa-ditya- hri-dayaa-stot-ram

Shivastuti  Ratnamala

Other unpublished manuscripts are being searched




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